Platform For Digital Transformation[P4DT]

 P4DT is the Digital Transformation Platform which is white labelled for the Higher Education Institutions(HEI`s/Universities) and available under the Software as a Service Model (SaaS). This tool continuously evaluates an institute with respect to accreditation and seamlessly integrates college, student, faculty and parents to be part of this endeavour.  

P4DT Features


Live Accreditation Scoreboard. Gap Analysis and Potential Solutions Self-Assessment Report. NBA, NAAC & ABET SME support.


Focus on student empowerment. Provide Projects,Internship,Job oriented training,Industry connect/workshops and higher education admissions/loans.


Provide faculty development programs. Support in R&D projects,publication supports,technology incubation centers, teaching aids/evaluation techniques and overseas guidance from people/colleges.


Get updates on students performance,college performance, events. A platform will be provided for parents - faculty - students interactions.